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Feel the relaxation and well being of a great massage regardless of your specific needs
Performed by Registered Massage Therapists (RMT) and may be reimbursed through your private insurance plan. Direct payment is offered by most insurers.

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Deep intramuscular massage with bamboo, which through various movements activates blood circulation, drains toxins from the tissues and lactic acid from the muscles.  This massage helps to reduce muscle tension and relaxes your entire body. (We must be advised in advance, as this treatment requires preparation).
60min. | $99
This deep tissue massage puts the emphasis on the realignment of muscle layers and deep connective tissues. This massage is proven to be effective for chronic tensions and contracted areas such as the neck, lower back, shoulders, and legs, and to improve sport performances. In particular, it is recommended for chronic pain following a muscular injury, limitation in movements, posture problems, spasms, fibromyalgia, arthritic pain, migraine, etc.
30min. | $55
60min. | $90
The fasciatherapy is defined as a manual technique that acts on all body structures (bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, etc.) and especially on «fascias», those fine membranes enveloping and linking all the elements much as a spider web. Fasciatherapy allows the treatment of the entire body while concentrating on the myofascial network to improve its structure and functional potential. This massage helps in diminishing the pain to the head and neck, the tendinitis, the plantar fasciitis, sciatic and back problems, postural relating to psoas, of the iliotibial band, the pectorals or other parts of the body. It is also helpful for tissue fluidity post surgical (muscular, scars, etc.)
60min. | $90
The fees for the MVA are determined depending on the particular case following a consultation with the massage therapist in person or by phone. He will prepare and send the report to your insurer.

You will be given more details during your interview and evaluation by the therapist.
This massage eases the discomfort due to pregnancy. It helps in relieving back and lumbar tension, improves blood circulation, helps with sleep related problems, diminishes headaches and leg pains and reduces stress and anxiety. The prenatal massage cannot be offered before the end of the first trimester of pregnancy.
30min. | $55
60min. | $90

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The largest in the greater Moncton area, it serves a varied clientele searching a sense of well-being through massages, skin and nail care. Wanting more permanent results, Medes Spa offers a range of services in hair removal, medical esthetics and weight loss.
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