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We are the largest spa in the greater moncton area

  • 5 Multi-Purpose Service Rooms
  • 1 Medical Esthetics Room
  • 1 Couples Room with 2 Manicure and 2 Pedicure Stations
  • 1 Room with 2 Manicure and 2 Pedicure Stations
  • 1 Weight Program Room
  • 1 Relaxation Room
  • Plus college space for student clinics and 4 large rooms for events

Medes was the vision of a community health nurse who noticed during her practice that women were struggling to find time for themselves and were increasingly feeling overly stressed and tired. She decided to take a course in esthetics and in 1989 opened The Medes Esthetik, Laser & Spa where women could go to for relaxation and wellness. The name itself, Medes, was meant to have a double meaning: the ‘Med’ from the soft medicine through various massage techniques providing a feeling of well-being and the ‘es’ from the traditional esthetic services such as facials, manicures, etc. Five years later, in 1994, Medes College was created and embarked on the journey of offering training in esthetics, makeup artistry, and nail technology. Then in 2010, both moved to cohabitate into a brand new 7800 sq ft facility where we are currently located. We feel privileged to have the knowledge and synergies that each one brings to Medes.

Under new ownership since 2015, the essence of Medes endures. We continue to espouse the notion that ‘True beauty is the essence between mind and body’, while modernizing our service offerings and facilities to today’s tastes. Times have changed greatly since 1989 and clients as well. Spas are no longer exclusive to women.

Our aim at Spa Medes is to provide an atmosphere of calm and serenity where you can unwind and relax with our experienced estheticians or massage therapists for a few minutes or a few hours.

Or maybe you are concerned about minor problems that may affect your health, appearance, or self-esteem. Our paramedical technician and weight-loss consultants are there to help.

On the other hand you may be looking for a romantic evening in our Couples Room or fun times with a group of friends in our Manicure and Pedicure room.

Whatever the reason or the need, COME SPEND SOME TIME WITH US AT MEDES!!!

Student Clinics

We have professionals in training; get services at reduced rates from our students.
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Our Products

The quality products used at the spa are available to our clients.

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Weight Loss Program

Having the ideal weight for health or beauty reasons will give you an enormous boost of confidence.
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Enhance your natural beauty at Spa Medes.
The largest in the greater Moncton area, it serves a varied clientele searching a sense of well-being through massages, skin and nail care. Wanting more permanent results, Medes Spa offers a range of services in hair removal, medical esthetics and weight loss.
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Medes Spa

1040 Champlain St. #300,
Dieppe, New Brunswick E1A 8L8
T: (506) 853-8391
F: (506) 853-3062

Business Hours
Monday: 9am- 9pm
Tuesday: 9am- 9pm
Wednesday: 9am- 9pm
Thursday: 9am- 9pm
Friday: 9am- 5pm
Saturday: 9am- 5pm
Sunday: Closed

We offer free parking